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Strong performance and low noise makes the ECHO PB-265LN gas leaf blower a great choice. The yard blower's 25.4 cc professional grade engine produces 375 CFM and 158 MPH at the nozzle at only 64 dB (A). This lawn blower is designed to provide long-lasting durability and is also backed by a 5-year consumer warranty/2-year professional warranty.

  • Use a 50:1 ratio of fuel to oil mix for 2-stroke cycle engines, recommend using only fresh gas with a minimum octane rating of 89 or higher (mid-grade to premium) at all times
  • 50:1 ratio equal 1 US Gal. 89 octane plus 2.6 fl. oz. 
  • Gas leaf blower features a 25.4 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine
  • Lawn blower comes with a 5-year consumer/2-year commercial warranty
  • Great performance from a lightweight backpack blower
  • Low noise output for noise sensitive environments
  • i-30 starting system reduces starting effort by 30%
  • Hip mounted throttle with cruise control
  • Comfortable operation with 64 dB(A) low-noise performance
  • Product has 375 CFM air volume at the nozzle
  • Product offers 158 MPH maximum air speed
  • Padded backrest and shoulder straps for comfort
  • Posi-loc tubes connect easily and securely