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36" Chain Saw Chaps

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ECHO Chainsaw Chaps are available in both an apron style or full wrap design with an adjustable waist from 30" to 42". Both styles feature 6 layers of polyester protection that prevent the chainsaw from injuring the wearer should the saw make contact with the legs. Chaps meet OSHA 1910-266 and ASTM F1897 standards for leg protection.
  • Ideal for homeowners and professionals
  • Apron or full-wrap chap styles available
  • Water and oil resistant; lightweight and heavy duty protection
  • Expandable waist from 30" to 42"
  • Features 6 layers of protective material for durability and protection
  • Meets OSHA 1910-266 and ASTM F 1897 standards for leg protection

Available Part No.:

99988801300 – 36" Long, Apron Design
99988801301 – 40" Long, Apron Design
99988801302 – 36" Long Full Wrap Design
99988801303 – 40" Long Full Wrap Design

The fibers will not stop the sprocket on most electric chainsaws because of their constant high torque.