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5/32" Chain Sharpening Kit

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Imagine the simplicity of having all the tools you need to sharpen a chain and service a guide bar without having to dig around the garage, shop or trailer to find them. ECHO offers a variety of chain sharpening kits, based on file diameter, that contain all the tools you'll need to get that chain back to sharp and continue on the job. By sharpening chains at regular intervals you help to extend the life of the chain and reduce effort and fatigue on the job by cutting with a sharper sawchain.

Each chain sharpening kit includes:
  • (2) Round files
  • (1) Flat file
  • (1) File guide
  • (1) Plastic handle
  • (1) Depth Gauge
  • (1) Black Carrying/Storage Pouch

Available Part No.:

99988800720 – 5/32" Chain Sharpening Kit
99988800721 – 11/64" Chain Sharpening Kit
99988800722 – 3/16" Chain Sharpening Kit
99988800723 – 13/64" Chain Sharpening Kit
99988800724 – 7/32" Chain Sharpening Kit