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10" Earth Auger with Point and Spring

10" Earth Auger with Point and Spring

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ECHO 10" Earth Auger (99944900200) is best suited for drilling larger post holes over 4x4 and up to 6x6 posts or for setting  plants. Its steel shaft construction is durable against light to semi-rocky or heavy soils. The flex coil is designed to absorb ground shock better over other augers while slowing the impact between the blade and rocks or other debris within the soil to deliver better handling and operation.

The fish tail point allows for easier starting of the drill, prevents slipping and delivers better control and efficiency during operation, while helping to reduce wear on the engine and transmission.

ECHO earth augers are engineered to fit ECHO earth auger models and most standard earth augers.

  • Ideal for professionals and homeowners
  • Optional extension shafts 12" or 18"
  • Flex coil absorbs ground shock & reduces engine wear
  • Drills 10 in. diameter holes
  • More power without the twisting and jerking
  • Replaceable earth point (2 in.) & blade
  • 34 in. length auger, with 7/8" dia. shaft opening
  • Compatible with ECHO EA-410
  • Unique coil technology slows the impact between blade and rocks or other debris