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3" Bulb/Plant Auger

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ECHO Bulb and Plant Augers, (2.5" – 99944900011)  and (3" – 99944900021) is best suited for drilling smaller holes for garden or  potted plants and bulbs. Save time and drill easier with an engine drill.  The auger design has a soil clearing whip that helps to lift away dirt from the top of the hole to ensure ample room for potting plants, bulbs, small saplings or seeds. ECHO engine drill augers are engineered to fit ECHO engine drill models and most other engine drills.
  • Ideal for professionals and homeowners
  • Solid steel construction for durability
  • Soil cleaning whip for clearing dirt near the top of the hole
  • Compatible with ECHO ED-210 and ED-260
  • Perfect for garden or flower potting/planting
  • 24 in. length