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29 psi CF Valve

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The ECHO 29 PSI CF Valve (99944100510) delivers 29 pounds per square in. to ensure consistent flow control to the user that is independent of the input pressure, while elimating other variables with unregulated spray applications. 

Adding CF valves to your wand or boom can help in conserving chemical mixtures while reducing waste and over-application. 
  • Delivers  a consistent flow control that is independent of input pressure
  • Will automatically close if pressure drops below the preset valve pressure
  • Cost effective as it conserves chemical mixtures and reduces waste and time
  • Helps to eliminate other variables with unregulated spray application
  • Aides in reducing physical effort for pump or manual sprayers
  • Best suited for 12V or motorized sprayers
  • User safety is improved and over-application is reduced or eliminated
  • *Not compatible with ECHO MS-1H Sprayer