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4-Nozzle, Poly Boom

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The ECHO 4-nozzle Polypropylene Boom (99944100502) is an ideal solution for uniform outdoor spraying applications of fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides or watering larger areas inaccessible to other ground watering devices.

40" in length, the 4-nozzle boom provides approximately a 80" spraying swath to cover more ground quickly over other types of booms. The high quality poly material ensures continued performance and longevity of the part over the duration of sprayer unit use.  
  • Sprays approximate 80" swath
  • Compatible with 21 PSI CF valve
  • Features 4 nozzles, 40" long in solid black
  • For soil applications use flat fan 110 03 nozzle
  • Lightweight, flexible, corrosion-resistant material
  • For foliar applications use flat fan 110 02 nozzle
  • *Not compatible with ECHO MS-1H Sprayer
  • Compatible with ECHO CF Valve: 99944100508, 99944100509, & 99944100510