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12" XtraGuard Chain

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ECHO's 12 in. low profile replacement pole pruner chain (91VXL44CQ) is designed for low vibration and low kickback to deliver cutting efficiency and an aggressive cut. The increased top plate length offers extended sharpness of the cutters over time and decreases the amount of sharpening needed. 

By replacing your chain with a genuine ECHO replacement chain that's been manufactured to deliver maxium performance and reliability you help to extend the life of your pole pruner bar and keep your equipment running at peak performance. 
  • Lightweight chain with semi chisel cutters that deliver an aggressive cut
  • Cutter top plates are 33% longer to maintain sharpness for extended periods of time
  • Compatible with 12A0CD3744C ECHO guide bar for PPF-225, PPF-280, PPT-280, PPF-2620, PPT-2620 and PPT-2620H   
  • Low kickback, low vibration cutters with an aggressive cutting edge
  • Compatible with 12A0CD3744C ECHO guide bar for older ECHO models PPT-266 and PPT-266H
  • Compatible with 12G0ZD3744C ECHO guide bar for PPT-260 and PPF-210
  • High performance, low profile chain
  • Standard sequence cutting type
  • .050" gauge and 3/8" low profile pitch
  • Drive link count — 44