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Chain Saw Carry Bag, Orange

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ECHO's 20" Chainsaw Carry Bag (103942147) fits most chainsaws with a 20" bar. Constructed with heavy-duty Cordura™ nylon, it's an ideal option for lugging around your saw and other chainsaw related accessories, when space may be an issue. The re-inforced bottom and side panels ensures the bag can carry the weight of the saw, while an interior strap helps to secure everything in place. The bag features several compartments to store additional accessories for when you're on the go and need back up files, chains, gloves or oil. 
  • Tough, weather-resistant bottom
  • Re-inforced side panels for weight bearing
  • Interior strap to secure and lock-down chainsaw for safety
  • Interior velcro pocket for files and other accessories
  • Exterior pouch for extra chain or other accessories
  • Built-in zippered plastic pocket to house bar and chain oil